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 I have done lots of things to make a living in my life.  No matter what it was, I always brought my artwork to the job. For example, doing little sketches of the people I work with and posting them on the bulletin board. They always seem to disappear though, I thought they were being torn down and heaved in the garbage, but it turns out that they were being kept by someone who liked the sketch. One guy told me he  kept many of them. He thinks they will be worth somthing some day, now thats possitive feed back!

Nothing makes me feel better than to go to a car show or just walk down the street and see one of my of works being shown off by the owner.  I love to see the gratitude and pride in their face, Do you have any idea how great it feels to see someone so happy with what you've done for them ? Or have someone stop by and tell me that they've seen one of the jobs I've done and want one done for themselves as well. There is nothing that makes me happier than pleasing my customers .

So keep looking through my site and coming back to see the updates, and hopefully you will be another one of the people who make my day. 


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